So it’s raining here in River City today and I’m thinking, “Man, it’s a messy, messy night.” I’ve still got a ton of stuff to do before my trip, and somehow very little of it ever gets done. I always wait until the last minute, when everything always seems to happen anyway.

I suppose I should tell you that I will have one of my images up at the Austin airport. It’s part of some art project, I’ve been selected for…to have this done. They are making some kind of a poster featuring my work and they are going to hang in somewhere, well I guess somewhere in the terminal areas. I’ll probably poke around looking for it when I’m over at the airport to head out for my trip. Won’t be surprised if I don’t find it though, as they sometimes put these things in the men’s room and such, but that’s how it goes. (Good news, I guess, still feeling a little blah today, I suppose.)

In other news, I was approached about licensing one of my images. I’ll probably do that but not entirely sure. I’m so not open to the entire stock photography thing. I’ve seen just too many people all but give away their work and it seldom amounts to fame or fortune, rather usually turns into a couple of extra buckets which, in the long run, doesn’t seem to help matters all that much. Still though, I suppose, nice to be asked and all (don’t you think?)

I guess I’m just feeling a bit delicate today. Kind of like this image. Here, present, in the moment, just not entirely sure if I can stand up to the winds. We all go through cycles. Sometimes, I feel like I own the moon (y’all owe me a bucket-load of money for those two recent “super moons” that were back to back last week, so pay up already!) and other times? Nobody here but us chickens (or us delicate trees, as the case may be.) Just not feeling the love…never feeling the love, if you know what I’m saying.

Delicate. I guess it’s just one of those nights.

Until next time…

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