Today's Output – Bursting Flora

Bursting Flora, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I did a bunch of these mobile phone shots today-very graphical in nature with a sort of “fake flora” motif. I used the Hipstamatic with my usual filters and played around a bit with them.

Next step, I’ll probably print these larger, something like 12×12 or so and then maybe put them under wax. I think these graphical type shots would work well with the encaustic treatment, since they feature bright colors and giant “swirls” of designs. They are more graphical, even though they have a bit of a texture to them, so I’m itching to get them under some wax (this to come soon, I promise.)

I think it’s important to do something photographic each and every day. Even on days like Mother’s Day or holidays, it’s a good idea to do something to move one’s photography and art along. Even if it’s just thinking about something or just some simple editing, whatever it might happen to be. Each and every day, force yourself (if you have to) to do something related to image-making. You’ll be a better photographer for it, I’m sure.

Tomorrow might possibly bring some writing, additional image editing, maybe some printing, who knows? It’s the idea that counts-always moving forward, moving forward all of the time-that makes it feel like progress.

Until next time…

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