Happy Mother's Day

Escada_7479, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

To all the wonderful Moms out there, especially mine, happy Mother’s Day 2013!

For this Mother’s Day, maybe you can take your Mom out shopping, to a fine restaurant, maybe get her a card, or just otherwise let her know you love her. It’s all about Mom’s all day Sunday, so please get out and let Mom enjoy her special day.

This shot taken inside the shopping area of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, outside of the Escada boutique. I noticed the mannequins and setup, hoping to get the kid on the cell phone. Took me a couple of frames, but I finally got one that I liked. I wanted him to go dark and just sort of let the large white posters wash over it all. I think the scale of it, plus the fake TV and the light/dark shadows help make this kind of freaky, so I like this image.

Speaking of “freaky,” don’t freak out if you have forgotten all about Mother’s Day 2013 and have forgotten to get Mom a gift. There’s still some time, if you get creative. Heck, why not get her some art or a gift certificate if you are looking for some ideas, right? Lots of stuff on the Internet and there’s always that old standby, flowers, if you are really stuck. Good luck and be creative here, folks.

Until next time…

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