Acts of…What?!? I'm Gone

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In case you have not heard the news, I recently purchased a spiffy new white lens. There will now be a brief moment of silence for my wallet. Often, we can purchase separate insurance policies for our camera gear and my spiffy new white lens would be no exception. When I ordered the lens from my trusted mail order outfitter, I also ordered up some spiffy new insurance to cover the lens.

An interesting thing about insurance like this is that it sometimes covers certain types of loss or damage but not others. Dropping the lens, for example, may (or may not) be covered along with spilling fluids on it, losing it, getting stuck in customs with it, etc. It’s an interesting read, sometime if you are bored, that insurance policy is (trust me on this one: that was a joke!)

So, I checked my insurance policy, before purchase, to see what kind of coverage exactly I was getting. An interesting thing about this too, as you could guess, the more expensive the policy, the more detailed the coverage (and, naturally, the more types of loss would be covered.) My insurance policy covers a lot of stuff actually. Almost everything, from dropping, theft, spilling beverages, heck, I was even starting to think that, should I happen to take my new lens to Bali, and should I happen to get…um….”entangled” with one of those monkeys that likes to grab stuff and run away with it, my spiffy new lens would probably be covered. Yes, it’s true. I read the fine print. Almost everything is covered. I say “almost” because there is one significant thing that is *not* covered and, from what I can gather, is not covered on almost any type of commercial photography insurance you can purchase.

Acts of War.

Seriously. Acts of war. Now, I know this is not really funny but, seeing as I’m about to pack up and head out to Las Vegas, I just got this weird thought in my mind. And, I’m sharing it now with you (because, you know, that’s what I do really.)


Should I happen to be in any kind of casino, should I happen to be at any tourist attraction, should I happen to be at any of the many fine dining establishments there in Vegas, heck, should I happen to be at any cheap four dollar buffet line at the same time the rebel forces should happen to rise up, you have my word that I am going to flee. Flee Las Vegas as quickly as possible, maybe even without stopping long enough to grab a dinner roll from the likes of the cheap four dollar buffet line. Seriously. I’m going to grab my camera bag and high tail it out of there as fast as is humanly possible. Mark my works. The first sign of any rebel uprising, the first sign of troops gathering at the City limits, the first hint of any kind of military coup…any flak jackets spotted at all, heck even anything more serious looking that a few randomly scattered military style helmets and I am so *outta there.*

Now, I know what you’re thinking. War photography is really cool and it’s not that expensive of a lens and all but…nope! Not this time. I’m here, on record to state it…the first sign of any kind of rebel uprising and I’m outta town. Vamos. Gone. History. See ya, I’m outta there!

Acts of War. Seriously. Not for me, not for my lens, not on my life. File this one under the, “I’m sorry, but I’d much rather be hiding under my bed or smuggling Doritos to some long forgotten remote Mexican village than dealing with that kind of crap, just to take a picture and all.” Yipes!

Until next time…

PS And it goes without saying really but, while in Vegas, DON’T DRONE ME, BRO!

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    March 21, 2013 / 8:36 am

    you are a funny talented writer…lol!

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