Luck from 10,000 Feet Away

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In case you haven’t heard the news, we have a new Pope. In case you haven’t heard the photographic news, the new Pope has already been shot! (Ahem, by photographers, that is.) Yes, it’s true. I was reading yesterday on the Internet about one photographer, in particular who was using a 1700-1900 mm lens to zoom in on the new Pope. (For those of you non-photographers out there, we typically use zoom in the range of 70-200 mm so this is actually a really, really BIG zoom lens. To shoot the Pope. With a camera, I mean.) The article talked about the specs for the really, really big “Pope shooting” lens, which I kind of found impressive, although, frankly, I just couldn’t see why he couldn’t move a little closer to the Pope, rather than bringing out the big gun and all. I mean, do you have to shoot the new Pope from like 5 miles away? Really?

In other, more personal news, yesterday I purchased a “big gun” of my own. Yes, snowflakes, it’s true. In new gear news, I finally broke down at got myself a Canon L series white lens. It will be my first white lens so I’m a bit excited about that. I got myself a 70-200 mm white lens to be used in travels and such.

For those of you who know my earlier work (way back from the days of slides and C-prints) I used to always (well, almost always) use a longer lens. I was a 180 kind of a gal. For some strange reason, I got shorter and shorter over time. Like, seriously, even going down to fish eye range. But, nope, not anymore! It’s back up the food chain for me, as I’m going long and strong, with a new long L-series white lens.

I figured I might be able to use it in Vegas and probably will be able to use it over the course of my travels this year so, why not get it now, right? Only trouble is that, after doing some of the math, I figured out this morning that the new lens is actually more expensive than my trip! Who knew it costs only about $100 to fly to Vegas. (It goes without saying really but, a white lens costs a *bit* more than that. In case you were, you know, curious and all.) So, yeah, there’s me….new white lens, new camera bag, going long and strong once again. Eh, we’ll see how this works (or even, heck, how long it might last.)

Just in case, as a sort of “backup” plan, I also got a new lens cap for the nifty fifty. The old one didn’t survive the trip to the beach. There was this one freak wave, you see, and…ah, well, that’s a story for another time. Just do please know this, the 50 is coming along too, new lens cap and all. And, yes, I have even resolved (hopefully!) my camera timer issue with a new timer too. Phew! I feel so lucky. Now all I gotta do is pack.

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    March 15, 2013 / 6:05 pm

    you need to take a photo of you with all your equipment hanging around your neck and in hand…am I your only follower? Come visit my blog sometime…

  2. Carol
    March 20, 2013 / 8:31 pm

    Lol. I have too much equipment to do that, but I might try something along those lines at some point. As for followers, well, there are others, just most folks comment on Facebook or elsewhere. I follow a bunch of art and photography blogs but have time for little else these days.

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