I Didn't Steal That, That's Not My Paint!

Lately, it seems like there has been quite the rash of art theft and art defacing going on. It’s almost like the entire world has gone a bit lulu in the head as far as art is concerned. First the entire Rothko scandal at the Tate Museum in London happened. Some guys defaced a Rothko, claimed to have a manifesto and then turned the entire thing into a big legal battle, leaving some wondering how you could even tell the painting, which was very abstract to begin with, was defaced. (One also has to wonder if rogue artist-wannabe types, having a “manifesto” and all, could really be considered to have a “cause” but I’ll leave that for the legal scholars to sort out.)

Then, more recently, there was a big, and by big I mean a massive “Holy Cannoli! They stole a what? and a what? and you mean there is more?!?” art theft that happened in the Netherlands. Picasso, Matisse, Monet, crap, they are all gone now, yes it really did happen this week too. Euf! What a heist. It’s the kind of stuff nightmares are made of, really that is.

What’s happening in the world today? Why all of this scandal, theft, defacing? (Did art school just let out for recess and the kids have nothing to do this week or something?)

In a way, I have to blame a combination of the “new” economy, along with the lack of art education in the public schools these days. Somebody who thinks they can just deface the work of another surely feels entitled in some way, probably feels they are owed at least *something* back from society, or some such thing. Combine that with a lack of education in the arts (hey, school funding has been cut for these type of activities around the globe) and you have combined somebody without any appreciation for the arts with somebody who feels entitled and so they can just go and “take that.” This is not a good combination and it will not end well (especially not for the art.)

I guess I could go on about this but, in a way, I’m wrong too, as there have (historically) always been defacing going on, along with theft, in fact, historically speaking, there probably was way more theft back in the old days. Art, I guess, has never been without its share of scandals. Still, I mean, doesn’t it seem like this is a lot to happen in a few short days (maybe even a week or two.) Doesn’t it seem like the art world is, well, excuse the cliche, but “going to Hell in a hand basket” pretty quickly this week? (Sure seems a bit like that to me anyway.)

At least nobody has defaced or stolen a “Carol” original. Now *that* my friends, that would be a big scandal (for sure!) Eh, who am I kidding? I’ve love to be popular enough to get defaced one day, in fact, I should probably make that a goal of mine (note to self: add to goals list “become popular enough to get stolen in a grand heist or defaced while on display in noted museum.” Yeah, I’ll get right on that, really I will. And, if you believe that, why, I’ve got a lovely bridge to sell you….)

Until next time…

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    October 18, 2012 / 3:28 pm

    lol, we are stealing more than art-innocence, bullying, terrorists are all in it for themselves…selfishness reigns

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