Eat Pray Love

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I finally saw the movie “Eat Pray Love” with Julie Roberts today. While I can’t say that it was the *best* movie I’ve ever seen, I can totally see why all of my friends kept telling me things like, “you *must* see this movie!” It’s a movie that’s *me* in so many ways, not to mention it made me want to visit Bali.

Everyone should visit Bali, shouldn’t they? Everyone should go on some kind of spiritual journey, go off and visit the gardens of Bali, spend some time in the Ashrams of India, and get drunk in Rome. I mean, come on, let’s take me out of this equation for a second…isn’t that what life is all about? That kind of stuff? Who needs material possessions when you can have great world travel, shared experiences, and the like, right? Right? Am I right here? Or not?

So, yeah, Eat Pray Love…I finally saw it. Now I can say that I saw it and I really want to go to Bali. Really, really, really want to go to Bali.

“Bali High…….”

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    October 22, 2012 / 1:29 pm

    a spiritual journey can take place anywhere, even outside with your camera…

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