Summer iSunflowers

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We had a great workshop this weekend over at Studio2 Gallery/Flatbed Press. Thanks to all of the students who came out and, of course, a special shout out to Tina who manages to make things run so smoothly. Some great work with the iPhone, really you can do a lot with it and I think all of the workshop participants came away with that notion. (At least, I hope they did.)

The iPhone is starting to split the photographic community. I can see how some folks really dismiss it and think of it as little more than a toy-just a cute little device but not as good as a “real” camera, while other folks jump on the iPhone, “oh it’s new! It’s cool!” bandwagon right away and start making good things with it. Personally, I fall into the last camp-I love the new technology and tend to jump on things as soon as they happen along. The iPhone really is all that special to me.

In a lot of ways, I tend to view my iPhone as sort of a replacement for Polaroids. Polaroids were some of the same kind of polarity in the photographic community. Some folks dismissed them as mere toys while other photographers jumped on them and embraced the technology (and had the work to prove it.)

An interesting thing with the iPhone is that you can develop a style pretty quickly/easily. You can find what it is you like, what it is you want to do, and develop a sort of “look” pretty quickly using the iPhone. Once you get a visual “look” it’s fun to see how people progress with it. I really think we’re going to start to see some serious iPhone work coming along (if we haven’t already!) in the next few years. It’s that kind of fun.

Now that my iPhone workshop is over, I have some upcoming projects to tell you about. I’m going to try to finish and fully publish my book on the water gardens, I’m going to be submitting some folios to various places, and I’m going to be starting a few new shooting projects. Look for details in posts to come, but, safe to say, even though it’s summertime, things aren’t really slowing down all that much for me.

This one done with my iPhone over at the wonderful gardens, part of Eastside Cafe where we had our workshop lunch on Sunday. This done with the iPhone, using the Hipstamatic, and the Salvador Dali/dream film and lens.

It’s a banner year for sunflowers in Austin, this year is. With the rain and high sun we’ve had, the sunflowers are really popping up all over town, so I thought I would celebrate that by giving them a bit of a Hipsta before the flowers go out of season. Eastside Cafe gardens really had them blooming out in full force too-everywhere you looked it seemed like that place was a wonderful, happy shade of yellow. Sunflowers, indeed!

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    June 13, 2012 / 11:26 pm

    I'm impressed though I don't have an iphone…lol!

  2. Carol
    June 13, 2012 / 11:36 pm

    Thanks, Lin.

    You can get an ipod touch and gain access to some of the apps. Polaroid is also going to be coming out with a camera, but it will be an Android camera. It will be a camera with access to the apps though, so fun stuff all around.

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