Greetings from the French Quarter

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Checking in from the French Quarter tonight, getting ready to gear up and head out for a night shoot. Yes, it’s time to break out the tripod and make a run at getting some shots at night. My hotel has a rooftop pool, so I might be checking in up there as well. I always love pools at night, they make for such interesting images. Of course, so too does the French Quarter at night, so there is plenty of choice here.

I’m going to keep this short as shooting duties call. Been a great trip so far, just shooting as much as I can and trying to keep up doing as much as I can while I’m here. It’s harder with these shorter trips to get everything in as planned.

I did manage to get over to Cafe du Monde and get some T-shirts and related items today, so that’s all good too. The food has been pretty good. Last night’s at Ralph’s was really great and I had a great breakfast at the hotel this morning. Tomorrow we hit Bourbon Grill which promises to be fun. I also had a hurricane.

Every time I ask about a hurricane, they tell me the same thing. “Oh, they aren’t too strong.” Don’t believe the hype. They are quite strong and can really pack a punch. This is (hopefully) the last time I will believe them. Note to self: hurricanes are really very strong indeed.

Happy too I don’t have to make an early night of it and I can get out to enjoy some French Quarter madness with the camera. Wish me luck with that, right?

Until next time…

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