Remnants of Downtown

HotelWhiteNo2_3339, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

This is a lensbaby shot taken in downtown, before I left for the north country and highlands of Iceland.

On Monday, I hopped a flight up to the north and started making my way down the ring road in Iceland using a specialized (modified) truck that’s designed for off road use. It’s capable of driving through high waters and over heavy terrain, which is a good thing because we’ve hit the glaciers and ice walking earlier today. Last night, I went up the ice lagoons by boat and was able to shoot from the boat. It was a typical “spray and pray” type of shoot, with so much moving by I had to shoot in what I dubbed “Carol burst mode” or basically shoot until my arms got tired and my trigger finger cramped up. We borked a couple of cameras on account of the water and everybody’s been trading wet boots around but, all in all, I think we’ve survived mostly intact. Lots of shots, blew at least two 16 gig cards on the boat alone and that’s not counting iPhone, infrared, lensbaby camera and the like. It’s been nothing but traveling, eating, sleeping (when we can) and shooting all the way.

I’m in the highlands of Iceland now, making my way back to Reyko on Saturday (hopefully.) Tomorrow, we’re watching the weather and might head up to highlands again or maybe hit another glacier if we can get good light. This evening we chased sunlight and lost, making it up to a waterfall with lights in the sky but not quite before sunset. Travel is like that though, you never know if you can beat the sun or how you’re going to do it. I wound up using “sticks” (tripod) and shot the falls in the evening glow of early twilight. Still worked out ok, although I think the falls are more “postcard-y” type shots. I’ve managed to do some unusual stuff, coming off the Lensbaby action in Reyko and hitting up some infrared in the country side, not to mention the beautiful abstracts at the geothermal mud pits and the lava rocks.

All in all, not a bad trip. Shooting tons, never getting to upload, great folks, nice travels and no sleep. That’s what photo trips are made of, right?

I’m really loving the “baby mark” (Canon 5D Mark II.) It’s an awesome rig. I’ve got a super light set of sticks, a Slik trigger head, and the baby mark as a “big girl” camera. Also packed in the bag are the T2i, used for color lensbaby and infrared converted trusty little Rebel XT that takes great little shots in pink (infrared converted camera.)

Supposed to be some kind of hurricane hitting up NYC just as I blow through so we’ll see if I can make it back to the ‘States before the winds come a blowin’. As they say, at least the bars in NY are fun, right?

I’ve got to head off and start uploading CF cards and check out some shots before we hit the trails in the morning.

Keep shootin’ as you know I will, with promises to upload more as I can. We’re back to civilization now, with Internet access again, although it’s very spotty around the countryside. Tomorrow, we head off the trail with driver Siggie in the heavy duty off road vehicle, to hit some hidden spots up in the highlands, weather and good light permitting. Wish us good light for we are going to need it. Today was a bit blasted out in spots but overall pretty good, hoping for more of the same tomorrow. *Fingers crossed* there’s good light for all, right?

Hey, here’s hoping (and shootin’!)

Until next time…



  1. Great Grandma Lin
    August 27, 2011 / 6:43 am

    fun, we are up north in akkureyri-that's one to spell. going to ride icelandic horses today then tomorrow to hosfos and blue lagoon before heading home via seattle to las vegas to utah on wed-all the same day! it's been great. I've sent several of my readers to your blog. enjoy.

  2. Carol
    August 28, 2011 / 12:32 am

    Thanks! I hope you're having a great trip. Sounds like you're having some fun.

    I had an absolutely wonderful time on my workshop and got tons of pictures. It's been a blast and now I'm fighting my way back to 'States to figure out how to get past the hurricane on the east coast. Trip might be extended, we'll see.

    Enjoy the Lagoon, I hear it's fantastic.

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