BeeOnFlower_1961, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Today’s upload in honor of Blake Shelton’s song “Honeybee” (Yes, I’ve been watching TV again, and I’ve been tuning in to check out “The Voice” vocal competition. It’s, excuse the pun, “the bee’s knees” in terms of singing talent.)

This image was taken in the water gardens as part of my expedition out into the hot, cruel world for part of the upcoming exhibition and project called “The LONG SHOT” (a 24-hour shooting marathon brought to us by the Photo Center NW, a nonprofit photography center in Seattle that provides cameras and photography instruction to underprivileged kids.)

In other news, I’ve been getting behind on my work. I still have some slides to go through, more paperwork to fill out, and loads of stuff to do. If anybody ever tells you that being a photographer involves taking a lot of pictures and not really doing a lot of paperwork, please slap them in the face on my account. Though I am not a violent person, I swear, if I have to fill out one more “gallery loan” form or duplicate any additional model releases in triplicate I’m going to run around my studio screaming and tearing up the place. Though I don’t usually mind the work overload, this is *so* not what I signed up for in terms of paperwork. Honestly.

Speaking of model releases, do you think I should have gotten one from the bee? Think he (or she) could sign in triplicate before buzzing off to do whatever it is bees do?

Oh! That’s right. He’d probably tell me he’s got to make some honey and fly away. Somehow, I don’t think bees really go for paperwork either and, besides, isn’t that wasp territory? Don’t they usually play around with paper instead?

Yeah, I know, even though they both sting, nobody likes wasps. And now we know the real reason why. Hint: it’s all that love for paperwork with nary a drop of honey in return.

Until next time…


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