Last One I Promise

SideWindow_3131, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

It’s easy to get really excited about a new series, especially when it’s very hot outside and the heat prevents me from doing a lot of walking around and shooting, so I’ll take a break from the pinhole items for a while and post some additional shots next time.

I recently uploaded another card from Hawaii. I had buried it in my camera bag and forgotten about it. Somehow, my camera bag sometimes “eats” cards. It’s not usually a big deal, since I find them eventually. I have this habit of putting spent cards back into my camera bag, in the big compartment at the bottom, just letting them drop down there. I use the side pockets for small plastic contains that hold the un-spent flash memory, that way I don’t get confused and re-format an already shot card. No matter, there are a few “extra” cards now, which I will begin to find, should I happen to rummage around the bottom of the bag. One day soon, I promise too, I’ll get to those.

Hey, what can I say? These things happen when we shoot a lot. I was never in a big hurry to run film back in the day either. Somehow, we just made due with the shots we managed to pull off and process, didn’t we?

Speaking of rummaging, I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Looking though some old slides. When I say old, I mean really old, as in “circa 1993” kind of old. I’ll share more with you on that project at a latter date too. Details on this, I promise, to follow.

Until then, you’ll just have to settle for more pinhole-y type work.

Until next time…


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