Glass Half Empty? Wait, what glass was that again?

, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

*Sigh* I have a new one for all of you photographers out there. For those of you who absolutely *hate* writing artist statements (and you know who you are…*waves*) I’ve got a new beast, a new dragon to slay, a new monster with fangs hiding out under the bed in your nightmarish bedroom of bad dreams.

The curatorial statement.

Oh good grief! If you thought artist statements were bad, if you thought you’d rather walk into the ocean then write one, why, let me tell you, you are just going to *love* one of these. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall only it doesn’t even really feel good when you stop. It’s like a whole entire new form of horror that’s just one hundred times worst than the last one.

Here’s some drinks to tide you over should you happen to fall into the abyss that is writing a curatorial statement. And now, though not drunk in the least, I’ve got to set off to do just this. Oh the horror!

Wish me luck (or many drinks) for I am going to need it (and them!)

Until next time…

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