I Know I Keep Coming Back around to It

Orb, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I know I keep coming back around to it, but it’s really very hot in Austin these days. Hot implies that the light is horrible-it’s all blasted out, burnt out, brighted out (is that even a word?) To put it bluntly, it’s too hot for me to shoot.

I just read how Tiffen has introduced a new Grad ND filter that retails for only $178 in 78mm size. I am going to pick up one of these. I really need one of these. I need a good GRAD so I can even begin to start thinking about shooting outdoors in this kind of light. It’s just all that kind of hot and blasted out these days.

Yes, I know I sound like a broken record, but there it is. Time to whip out some filter action, avoid the heat, and go shooting during the hours just before (or even after!) sunrise/sunset.

Speaking of breaking stuff out, have I told you how I might like to setup an overnight shoot this weekend? This coming weekend, for the LONG SHOT marathon, I’m thinking about trying to setup a five hour overnight shoot. Can you say star trails?

I think I have everything I need to pull this off, I just have to find it charge up the batteries, get all of the stuff together, set it up and then sort of hope the dog doesn’t knock it over in the middle of the night.

Think things will go my way? What are the odds, right?

Until next time…

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