It's Really Very Cold Today

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We’re not looking at 62 degrees today, no, it’s actually a bit cooler than that. The weatherman says it might reach a high of 31 today which is still freezing. It was a whopping 18 degrees earlier this morning. For Austin and the Austin area in general, these temps are unheard of. It’s bitter cold in the ATX today, that’s for certain.

The weatherman is also calling for a good chance of snow tomorrow. Snow, with accumulation. That means snow on the ground and stuff. Like collecting. Piling up like old newspapers. Something about this, why it just isn’t right. I mean, I live in the south, it’s supposed to be *warm* here. What’s with all of this snow crap?

Attention snowflakes:

(This time, I don’t mean you good folks reading this, I mean the actual, well, snowflakes)

You do not have permission to land. Go to Maine, Colorado, or someplace normally cold where they actually like you and your ilk. Go. Go now. Fly away. Flutter up north someplace where they actually enjoy seeing you and they do stuff like ski in you. This is Texas. We don’t ski, it messes up our cowboy boots and big hair. We don’t like your kind down here, so please don’t bother landing on our heads.

Thank you.

–The Management

Think they’ll listen? Think they got the memo or are they just the flaky flighty kind that land wherever they wish? (Nevermind, I think I know the answer to that.)

In other news, but not really, I’m keeping this short as we are experiencing rolling blackouts. There is too much demand for power, so they are making blackouts happen to save energy and send electricity up north, where folks need it to stay warm. Pesky obstinate snow, I tell you, where’s a good 100 degree day when you really need it?

Until next time…

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  1. mythopolis
    February 2, 2011 / 11:59 pm

    I'd rather sweat than shiver, any day!

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