Before I Slumber

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Before I go to sleep today (tonight? Tomorrow? Something like that…) I must tell you that I’ve recently found out that Moab, the great paper maker, has started making Japanese Mulberry paper that one can run through one’s traditional inkjet printer if one were so-inclined.

Why am I telling you this?

Couple of reasons. For starters, it’s great to dunk the mulberry paper into wax and encaustics, so it would be good for that. No more cutting! Easier encaustic dipping! There was much rejoicing in the kingdom tonight. Yay!

Finally, I want to tell you so that I don’t go to bed tonight, wake up tomorrow, and completely forget about this glorious find. I want to make sure I remember myself, so I’m posting a picture of a bed and a “note to self” reminding me that I now have a source of convenient Japanese paper for using with encaustics.

Ok, back to sleep now.

Until next time…


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