How To Feed a Dragon in a few Easy Steps

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How do you feed a dragon?

I had never thought about this until I ventured over to the Chinese New Year celebrations at the Asian cultural center in Austin last week. Frankly, I never knew they had to eat, I just thought of them as breathing a lot of fire and stomping about angry all of the time, making a mess of buildings, scaring young children, and all.

Turns out the new year’s celebration offers them food. What they do is they take bok choy, which is stuff like this, tie it on a string, and hang it from above their shops. Then, as the dragon dances around, presumably he (or she?) gets hungry and so he reaches up, grabs the bok choy, nibbles on it a bit, and then spits it back at the merchant. This little “bok choy” tango goes on while the fireworks go off.

It’s all quite fun really, unless you’re a bok choy.

But it goes without saying, really. If you’ve got any kind of leafy lettuce hanging around, you just might attract some unwanted dragons, so I’d be careful. Lock it up tight in your ‘fridge and beware any dragons with pipes for a mouth. Whatever you do, don’t put any red string around it and hang it up like mistletoe because, well, that would just be a mistake. (Unless of course, you know, you really don’t like your fingers and you’ve always wanted to pet a “friendly neighborhood” dragon up close.)

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