Stu…Stu….Studio Time!

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I *finally* got some studio time in today. I completed two paintings, one photo and encaustic and one pastel and encaustic.

I started by doing a pastel on clayboard, working from a picture I had taken in Venice. After I was (somewhat) happy with the results in pastel, I added the wax to the surface to “seal” the painting and to add an extra layer on it, making it an encaustic panel. I’ve been wanting to try out this technique for a while now and, I have to say, I’m somewhat happy with the results.

Next up, I printed one of my favorite images onto some mulberry paper, made up a wax panel, and layered the picture into the wax. It worked fairly well, good enough for me to realize that I can now go ahead and do some of my “Mexico in Blue” work this way. I’ve always wanted to present this work this way and, frankly, I wasn’t so sure how it would hold up or if it would look the what I wanted it to. I’m happy to say it came out the way I expected and so I’m now able to go ahead and do this with the entire series. It’s going to take me a while to do, but I think it’s going to be fabulous once I finish it. Really looking forward to this one.

Now, I’m really very tired and spent, so I’m going to rest up, relax, and watch TV tonight.

Until next time…


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