Facing EAST-The East Austin Studio Tour Continues

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I’ll be down at the East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T) again today. Look for me to land there sometime early this afternoon and spend the rest of the day in the lovely little cottage filled with encaustic goodness. It really is quite a sight down there and, if you’re in town, please feel free to stop by, pop in, and say hello.

Yesterday, I had opportunity to actually visit some of the East Austin Studio Tour establishments and I’d have to say it was fantastic. I made my way over to Flatbed Press and I purchased a few handmade books at another location on Tillery Street. Today I’m going to try to visit Pump Project and check out some art glass at the glassblowers before popping back into the cottage for my stay with the encaustic work.

EAST is one of the great things about Austin. There are so many artists here, so many folks working and sharing in their craft, it’s so great to be a part of it, even in some small way.

I found out yesterday too that my EAST goodness is not going to end this weekend. Even though the shows are officially over at the end of this weekend, I’ll be participating in a holiday show at the studios next to Big Medium on December 4th, which should be loads of fun.

Lots of upcoming drawing, painting, and the like as I’m going to also be spending a studio day tomorrow, hopefully hold up making some additional encaustic work. I need to do some smaller work for some holiday gifts and I’ve been itching to take my “Mexico in Blue” series into the land of wax.

How’s your weekend holding up? Hopefully you are out there painting, drawing, taking pictures, or otherwise including some art in your life this weekend as well.

Until next time…

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