Cute Wheels

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What kind of car do you drive? Do you ever take pictures of your car? Or is it just an old clunker that you use to get to work? Do you like really old cars, like the kind Elvis used to drive, big Caddy’s with the fins? Maybe you like sport coupes and drive really fast? Is your car all newfangled and plastic? Old-fashioned? Sleek and fast-moving? A sedan fit for the whole family? Does you car give you freedom? Power? Energy? Fun?

Cars are a fascinating subject for photographers. There are a lot of bits and bolts under those hoods. Not only that, but we can do drive-by’s, shoot at car shows, put lots of pretty girls in front of the cars or even just put our feet up on the dash and watch the world go by as we work. Yes, cars are a subject of boundless possibilities.

Years ago, when they invented the car, I don’t think they ever imagined what it would become-how each and every one of us (well almost) on the planet would have one. How that car, that little invention that they probably just came up with so they could plow the field faster, or go drive into town to get some seeds, would take so many people so far away.

Wheels are a great equalizer, of sorts. Even somebody who can’t run fast can get around pretty quickly given a nice set of wheels. In a lot of ways, that’s a lot like a camera-somebody who can’t draw or paint very well can take pictures and have them come out nice. Who doesn’t love an equalizer like that? The democracy of the wheel (or the camera) I tell you. It’s a great thing.

Cars, wheels, headlights, smiling grills, driving into the sunset, speeding past the lights, motoring up the mountain tops, clinging to the cliffs along the shore, racing at the break of day…it’s true what they say, man, “the road goes on forever and the party never ends,” isn’t it?

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