What Have You Done with the REAL Carol?

GrassLikeLines, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

“Alright you, what have you done with the REAL Carol? First, you post a photo quote without a picture and then? For your next trick? A picture of some green grass? What is going on here?!?”

Ok, ok, allow me to explain. For starters, I thought it might be a good idea to explore, in a particularly irreverent way, my take on some of the more popular quotes about photography. Now, I know most of you can Google, and many of you have come across these quotes before so, rather than merely splash them up here, I decided that it would be a fun thing for me to post not only the quote, but my take on the quote. So, for the next few days (maybe longer) you’ll see my take on popular quotes about photography. Each post will sprout up sometime after midnight and, for those insomniacs out there, just after midnight. In case you are, say, in another time zone, that roughly translates to 12:02 AM central standard time. I do hope you enjoy those completely off the cuff take on some of the more popular photo quotes.

As for the grass? Well, let’s just say I grew a little bit tired of seeing brown grass in all of the photos posted from Flickr in the past few days (weeks?) It’s the dead of winter, nothing is green, so I thought, hey, why not, right? Why not spread a little green in an otherwise endless sea of brown? Spring will be here soon enough and we could use some new turf so take that, old man winter, I’ve made a sort of “virtual spring” for all to enjoy.

Yes, yes, I know, I’ll be back to my (usual) snarky self soon enough, so you’d best enjoy this unusually optimistic Carol while she’s here. (Queen Snark shall return soon enough.)

Until next time…


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