Nothing Much To Say Today-Nature's Quiet Contemplations

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It’s one of those days-I don’t feel like saying very much today. New Orleans won the super bowl-I’m actually a bit happy about that. I love that City, it feels like my home away from home, even though, on the grand scheme of things, I’ve not spent all that much time there.

I started printing some pictures of Chase that I can draw from. I’m trying to get good enough to be able to draw a comic strip featuring Chase. I think he would make a great comic strip. I’ve not been able to draw well enough to really consider doing a comic strip before, but now that I’m older, wiser, and more able to concentrate, I just might do it. I really could see Chase making a nice comic strip. He’s already a charcoal drawing if you think about it, I mean, what with his black curls and all. He needs to be done up in charcoal, at least, that’s how I feel right now.

My G-safe is happily humming along. I can hear it spinning quietly in the background as I type this. Did you ever have one of those days when you just want to enjoy some quiet? Relax maybe collect your thoughts a bit? Yes, I’m having one of those days. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, the snark will return tomorrow but, for now, tonight, I’m all about quiet contemplations. Even today’s upload is a bit, well, quiet for me, isn’t it?

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