Weekend Roundup-Hanging on for Dear Life

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Lots to talk about this weekend. For starters, I spent most of the weekend shopping! Actually, it wasn’t as fun as it sounds-I spent a good chunk of the weekend getting supplies so that I can get my studio setup for encaustics.

For starters, I’ve decided to get a workbench in my garage so I can go out there and paint. I went today to buy the bench and that’s when the fun really started. You see, I have a small car, and the workbench is big-not a fit there. I got my parents to drive me over to Lowe’s hardware store since Lowe’s has a nice selection of workbenches and my parents have a small-ish SUV (it’s a Honda CR-V actually.) Well, the bench barely fit in the back of their small SUV. It fit, but we had to fold both the back seats down to fit it in, which meant that I had to sit on top of it and sort of lie down flat across the back of the SUV. It wasn’t really flat even, since the seats were kind of “bumpy” so I just had to pile myself back in there with a big giant not fully assembled bench.

At one point I told my father, who is actually quite the careful driver, “Ahem! I would very much appreciate it if, at this point in time, you were to drive a bit declaratively-you know, rather than just drive into a pothole, if you would be so kind as to announce ‘BUMP!’ well, I’d have to say, I’d greatly appreciate it. Not to mention the fact that it might help me refrain from sliding into your lap, seeing as I am completely lacking an ‘oh sh!t’ handle, given the current position into which I’m stuffed.” Railroad tracks were not my friend, ok? Especially not those double sets-the kind with big bumps and dips in the middle. At one point, there was this guy following us on a motorcycle, and it was pretty funny because I had not been paying attention and then I turned to look out of the back and he was right there-since my butt was basically up against the back door of the vehicle. I don’t know what the polite thing to do is given this situation-was I supposed to have smiled and waved at him or quickly turned my head away? Somehow, I think miss manners would even be stumped by this one, but we carried on and got home with the workbench intact so it can’t be all bad.

I also got some ornamental snowflakes to melt into the wax, but that’s not nearly as dramatic. I just went in and paid for them.

I had some ice cream cake. I went to Hobby Lobby. I went over the Concordia on Friday to help hang up the “New Beginnings” show, then headed over to Texican Cafe and had a late dinner. Actually, if I had to round it up, I ate way too much Mexican food this weekend. Come to think of it, I take that back. There’s no such thing as too much Mexican food. Ok, I had more than my fair share of queso this weekend, I admit it. I started cleaning up my house. The night photography group is planning a shoot tomorrow night, but it’s supposed to rain. Chase tried to eat a cat, but thankfully missed, as the cat was able to run up a tree in time to escape his dogged curiosity. It was really nice and I sat out a lot. I got an electric griddle on sale at Kohl’s for $24 ($14 after mail-in rebate.) It’s large and should work quite nicely for encaustics. I hate mail-in rebates, don’t you?

All of that and my tax refund showed up. I think it hit on Friday, which is great, because I sure could use the money.

So, how was your weekend? Hopefully a bit more spacious than mine.

Until next time…



  1. Peruby
    October 26, 2009 / 1:13 pm

    Loved this! I guess I would have laughed and waved at the motorcycle driver. It wasn't your car, he probably won't recognize you again. LOL!

    Love Mexican food. I'm with you on getting a check when needed most. One of my insurance checks came last week. Woot!

    I DO hate mail-in rebates.

    Get pics of the workbench in action. Let's see this beast.

  2. mythopolis
    October 26, 2009 / 9:01 pm

    I agree with the last comment. Let's see that bench get down and dirty…or waxy, as the case may be.

  3. Carol
    October 26, 2009 / 10:48 pm

    Thanks, Peruby. Yes, mail-in rebates are horrible. I think I wound up laughing at the motorcycle dude but I was sure shocked when I saw him a few inches from my face. It was jarring, to say the least.

    As soon as the bench gets put together, I promise, you'll have some pics. Right now, it's just a big, flat box.

    And, goes without saying really, but it probably have instructions in every language except English.

  4. Carol
    October 26, 2009 / 10:50 pm

    Don't worry, Mythopolis, it'll be waxy soon enough, I promise.

    Hot Texas Wax.

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  6. Carol
    January 20, 2010 / 6:53 pm

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