Looking Through the Peephole of Possibility

LoneBareTreeS, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

An important announcement from the good folks at Lensbaby came along today, in the form of a few new products that really sound like fun. For starters, there’s now an official fisheye Lensbaby. I believe it’s part of the optic swap system, available only on the newer Lensbaby lenses, but still, it’s a fisheye, and you know I can hardly wait to get my hands on one of those.

Next up we have a soft focus optic element. This too sounds like a lot of fun, though one has to wonder, isn’t the Lensbaby soft focus already? No need to explain, I have this one figured out-it makes a nice soft focus “glow” on everything. Lots of fun, and really one of the reasons why we use the Lensbaby to begin with, so more “I want” there.

Finally, they have made a step-up filter-one that allows you to use a conventional 52 mm filter on a Lensbaby. Now, I’m always a bit curious when they use the words “Lensbaby” and “conventional” in the same sentence, but, this time anyway, it actually makes a bit of sense.

I want.

Until next time…

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