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Welcome to my non-blog. Today, I was going to tell you all about the new trailer for Top Gear, about how it has this mini Sitg in it (and how he’s so cute.) Or, maybe I was going to share with you my top 10 songs about tornadoes because, well, because we had one here recently, might as well sing about it, right? I was even planning on sharing with you a picture of a tree, so you could see what it looks like too. And then there’s my upcoming show, which I’m very excited about. Yes, I finally finished some matting and framing and now I’ve got some of the pieces over to the wonderful Studio2 Gallery in Austin, where there will be an oh-so-big grand opening reception this Saturday night, complete with lots of wine. You like wine, don’t you? I know I like wine. Wine is good.

There are even some new cameras coming out, and I was all set to share some printing information with you so that, you know, you could print too, if you were so inclined. Of course, I’ve still got ideas for the big “summer” Utata project running around in my head, plus I was invited to do a photo shoot over in East Austin this weekend. You love it when I travel, don’t you? Everybody always loves to see me travel off into the shady part of town-you get to live vicariously through my pictures and I get to trudge through the empty streets looking for harmless photos.

But, what do we have? Nope, not even ghetto trudge. I’m too tired and it’s too hot so, what am I going to do? Complain.

Yes, this is another blog featuring me gurgling on about how it’s too hot, I’m too tired, and I just don’t feel all that inspired. Don’t want to pick up the camera, don’t want to do a damn thing really. It’s just hot and I’m just zapped so, instead of getting riveting inspired pictures, instead of seeing the world through beautiful places, instead of my usual “masterpiece” for the day, you get this.

“What’s this?” you might ask. And, why, I’d be here to tell you.

This is something I’m going to squash into a layer. Yes, this is something that I’m going to squash into a layer and use as a textural layer at some point in the future-you know, the point at which I do trudge out again, and take some, ahem, “new” shots (“What are new shots? Oh, nevermind, I remember those. I think I took some of those. Once. A long, long time ago….”) The picture you see here will one day be flattened and unrecognizable. Trust me on that one (well, actually, I’m sure you do already. I’m pretty good when it comes to “unrecognizable,” right?)

Yes, welcome to my non-blog about a textural layer that hasn’t happened yet. Its a bit like watching paint dry only, somehow, way more warped than that, isn’t it?

Until next time…



  1. mythopolis
    June 18, 2009 / 6:41 pm

    Nice photo!

  2. Carol
    June 19, 2009 / 5:50 pm

    Thanks, Mythos!

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