The Last of the Red Hot Lovers

No, this is not another blog post about how I’m going to miss the incredibly hot David Tennant in Doctor Who re-runs. The title of this post actually refers to the Neil Simon play (“The Last of the Red Hot Lovers” in case you were not paying attention) which opens June 12th at my community theater. Yes, it’s true, the Way Off Broadway Community Players are going to present a Neil Simon play in Leander, Texas (of all places.)

Why am I telling you this?

It seems that, in conjunction with the theater opening, Leander, Texas (a town not as “backwoods” as it sounds) is actually trying to foster the arts and culture in the area (imagine that? People with a clue! And to think, they were just down the road all this time.) The theater company is going to host art shows in conjunction with the plays. As you might be able to guess, if they have art shows, this is where I come in.

I’ll have two images from my misty Venice series on display at the theater as part of the production so, if you happen to be in the Leander area stop by and check it out. The art will be on display starting next Monday, June 8th until the end of the month.

Art and culture right in my backyard?

I could go on about how I love the fact that I get to do a show just down the road a ways (and don’t have to bother shipping my work halfway across the universe, as always) I could talk about how surprised I am to have a great theater company right in my own backyard, I could even tell you about how wonderful I think it is that a town in my local area finally “gets it” and has starting to cultivate some culture, rather than adding another strip mall into the mix. I could talk about all of these things, but I won’t.

Instead I’m going to say, “Doctor Who?!? Are you going to miss that frisky David Tennant as much as I am?”

Until next time…


  1. mythopolis
    June 3, 2009 / 2:04 am

    Yes, paying attention..and no, the town has no negative connotations to me. In fact, if it a nowhere place, I will mark it down on my retirement list . But if it is going artsy-fartsy…I think I will go down to Bolivar Island and fade away.

  2. Carol
    June 7, 2009 / 1:04 pm

    Fear not, Mythopolis, it's not gotten too big (yet) though it's growing (still.) It's kind of a nothing little town still. We used to joke about the locals being called "Leanderthalls" and that's still probably true, even though now, it appears, they have a theater.

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