Is it….Thursday Yet?

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No, no, I’m not that stupid and yes, I have had my coffee already. Why am I celebrating Thursday this week instead of Friday? Well, allow me to explain. You see, this Thursday is a special day, it’s a magical day, it’s a…well, ok, it’s shaping up to be a day for TV viewers like me.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “she’s always blabbing about how she doesn’t watch all that much TV” and you’d be right, I don’t. When asked about my TV viewing recently I said, “I have some guilty pleasures. I watch American Idol because I like to see young people with talent, I watch Top Gear because I like to watch men behaving badly, I like Doctor Who but don’t know if I’ll continue to watch once David Tennant is gone, I watch Burn Notice because I like to watch things blow up and I secretly want to be like Fionna and shoot everybody who looks at me in a cross way, and I like Law and Order reruns because, though I miss Jerry Orbach, it’s a good show.” That’s actually pretty much how I feel about TV. Not much on, not much on worth watching, but good to kind of keep the box going, just so I don’t have to listen to birds chirp or hear myself think (oh God, is that a scary thought or what?)

But, not this Thursday.

This Thursday, I’m going to turn into TV viewer extraordinaire. Yes, it’s true, I’m going to lock myself in my “woman cave” and do nothing but eat bon bons and watch TV. (Well, maybe I won’t even bother with the bon bons.)

What’s on you might ask? What’s on that could be so compelling as to have me locked away for hours watching the idiot box and enjoying it?

Well, for starters, USA is airing the network television premier of the James Bond movie Casino Royale. I have not yet seen this movie and, well, let’s just say “a little birdie told me” that it features some clever stunt driving (maybe done by some “anonymous tame racing driver” or two? *Wink Wink* *nudge nudge* yes, you too can see my love, Stiggy without his helmet. Oh, a naked Stig! Be still my heart….)

If this weren’t enough to get my heart racing, next up we have the season premier of Burn Notice, where we finally get to find out what happens to Michael after he jumped out of the helicopter. Oh, it promises to be a night of spies, thrillers, men with big guns, and lots and lots of cool sunglasses. I’m so into this, you have no idea. “Bring on the hunks in shades!” I say.

Yes, snowflakes, queen flake is going to curl up with her sunglasses, unplug the telephone, call for a “super stealth” pizza, and watch herself some badass spy stories this Thursday evening. And she’s telling you now that, not only is she really looking forward to Thursday night, she does not want to be disturbed. Don’t you even think of IM-ing me this Thursday. If you IM me, so help me, I’ll hunt you down, rip out your heart, and bludgeon you with my sunglasses (An act which, though it does not sound all that menacing, believe me, I’ll be so pissed off, it will hurt.)

Somehow, I doubt either James Bond or Michael Weston could escape in this truck but, hey, with spies like these, you never do know. Now, you’ll have to excuse me…is it Thursday? Thursday, you know, Thursday? Time yet to blow up the world and do it up dapper all at once?

Where did I leave those pesky sunglasses….

Until next time…



  1. mythopolis
    June 3, 2009 / 10:07 pm

    What is it about Thursday? It seems to be one of the better days for tv viewing. I like crime drama and good cop/bad cop stuff and espionage flicks and a bowl full of sunflower seeds…I nervously nibble them one by one as the suspense builds.

  2. Carol
    June 7, 2009 / 1:02 pm

    I've been doing pizza bites with green tea and lemonade, that's my usual TV viewing fare,but not tonight. Tonight was pizza + a beer.

    Horray Beer!

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