A Million Little Pictures and One Kind of Large

Warped Landscape No 1, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

In the “all these little victories” department, I found out this week that I had an image accepted in the Center for Fine Art Photography’s upcoming Works of Man show. Juried by the wonderful Chris Jordan, an eco-friendly photographer who has appeared on the Steven Colbert Report as well as served as an ambassador for Earth Day, the exhibition is shaping up to be an outstanding one and, needless to say, I’m very stoked to have my work included. Watch this space for more news about that upcoming show.

For those of you in the Austin area, tomorrow night marks the artist’s reception for A Passion for Polaroid II at the wonderful Studio 2 Gallery in downtown Austin. Don’t forget to stop in and say hello if you should happen to make your way down South Lamar. Polaroids really are glorious and I can hardly wait to see that show. Look for me hanging with the Cupcake Lady and chillin’ with all of the folks down on South Lamar tomorrow evening, enjoying the ‘Roids.

Finally, for those of you aspiring photographers out there, do you ever read this and think, “I wish I could be in a show like that” or maybe want to get your work into a reputable gallery but just don’t know where to start? Well, wonder no more, here’s an opportunity you can take part in too. Yes, snowflakes, here’s your big chance to participate in a gallery show right alongside me, and, you know, people just like me (999 people like me, to be precise.) Called A Million Little Pictures an upcoming documentary project at the Art House Co-Op in Atlanta promises to provide disposable cameras to one thousand people from around the world, people just like you and me, who will document their lives in 24 frames. An exhibition will be held latter this year in Atlanta (and other cities) featuring 24,000 pictures. You can find out how to participate by visiting their website where you can also sign-up to receive your own camera in the mail later on this year.

That’s, well, it’s not quite a million but it’s a lot of pictures for one night, isn’t it? Here’s hoping your enjoying a photographic Friday evening, wherever you may roam.

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