What a Difference a Day Makes

GlowingRedLeafStudy, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Yesterday, all foggy and cloudy, today, when we’re hoping for the fog, what do we get? You guessed it, sunshine and warmth. Well, at least it’s not bitter cold out like it was on Wednesday.

This year, it’s been rather odd too that I have completely abandoned the Red Leaf Diaries. No hunting for a red leaf, no chasing foliage, watching “peak times.” I gave myself one day and did it all only because I felt like it for a short time. It was warm out today, I had wanted to go and shoot the fog, but it burnt off, lifted, and left me with nothing but the red leaf trail in its wake. So, instead, I shot that. It was fun, even if the work never gets shown.

It felt really good to be home from work today too. It’s nice to take a rest, even if the only rest I get these days is by going out to shoot red leaf sightings.

It’s almost the end of the year wrap-up time again. You know how that goes. It’s that time of year when I pick out my best work (or, ok, maybe what you think is best) and showcase it a little bit. It’s also that time when we look to next year to see what’s stacking up and, don’t forget, those top 10 lists that always seem to abound. (Oh, how we love those top 10 lists.)

This year has been especially busy. I did the shows in Johnson City, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago, Georgetown, and Austin. (I still have work up at the Studio2Gallery in Austin for those curious.) My work was selected for an album cover, a couple of publications, and I did a big portfolio review in the fall. I completed a workshop in Santa Fe and a location shoot in White Sands. I published two books. I did NaBloPoMo with help from The Stig. It’s been a busy year and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any, though, you know, it will. It always does. It comes and goes-we take it when it comes and miss it when it goes.

Yes, it’s almost that time of year again. Time for autumn’s splendid blanket of color to give way to the typical end-of-year madness and self-analysis that seems to come with the winter season.

What trips will next year bring? What subjects? What shots? What new toys? What old toys re-discovered? Where we will go tomorrow and, is it where we headed out for today?

Sometimes, we have to just pay the future no mind and enjoy the day for what it is-a nice autumn day, clear and sunny, with a hint of things to come. Sometimes, autumn is just autumn and a red leaf is just, well, about to fall, blow off into the wind, to help make way for the fresh buds of spring.

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