Foggy Morning

Something very rare in Austin today-red trees and fog all at the same time. I woke up and managed to get a bit of shooting in, since it was also a bit warmer than it has been lately. It was actually kind of nice outside, after the bitter cold we’ve had these past few days. I really feel for all of the folks up north who are suffering on account of the ice and cold. It’s no picnic this time of year, that’s for certain. I just hope they can dig out from the snow long enough to have a happy holiday season.

In case you were wondering, yes, the movie was as bad as it sounded. Sharks in Venice has some very pretty scenery (come on now, that’s easy. I mean, when is Venice not pretty?) but, glory be, what a blooper of a film. I think my favorite part was when a drunk guy, fighting with his girlfriend, got eaten by a shark right off the sidewalk. They showed the shark actually jump up, out of the water, and snarf him down. Wow. That was really beyond compare. Who knew they could even make movies that bad? It’s a wonder those “I Use Film!” people don’t hunt them down, demand their money back, rip the free T-shirts right off their backs, and proclaim, “you are a waste of once completely good, though now alarmingly disappearing, celluloid. No more film for you!”

Speaking of “celluloid,” I’m in a nice mood today, so rather than call him a weasel as always, I’ll send out my well-wishes to acclaimed British actor David Tennant who recently had back surgery. Get well soon please, our dear (current) Doctor, we need you weaseling back into proper credible roles. I mean, as appealing as it might sound, I can’t watch re-runs of things like Sharks in Venice forever now, can I?

Yeah, yeah, I know just what he’d say too (“Oh, but you deserve them so…”)

Until next time…


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