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Something interesting happened last week. As of Thursday (last week) around midnight, Time Warner cable dropped our local NBC station. Unbeknownst to most cable viewers, there was some agreement (contractual agreement) between Time Warner and KXAN (our local NBC station) where KXAN would provide cable content for Time Warner until a certain date for a certain fee. As the contract expiration date drew closer, the squabbling over the fee increased until, finally, the deadline passed. Time Warner pulled the plug on NBC. Yes, it’s true, snowflakes, the Nation Broadcasting Company (NBC) is a little less, ahem, “national” this week, as the folks in Austin now have no channel 4 programming.

What’s odd about this, what really strikes me as funny actually, is that, well, I hadn’t noticed. If Time Warner had not taken out a full page ad in my Sunday paper, alerting me to the fact that KXAN were making unreasonable demands and so they let their contract expire, I would have hardly noticed.

Sure, it’s true that the entire Law and Order franchise appears first on NBC but, with cable now, I actually prefer to watch the re-runs on channels like TNT or USA. They just don’t produce enough new content for the Law and Order franchise and, frankly, some of the older shows were better (I miss Jerry, really, I do.)

What about the other shows on NBC? There must be something in all of that programming for me, right? Nope. Nothing there either.

30 Rock? Never seen it. America’s Got Talent? Again, never seen it (Sounds like a bad American Idol rip-off if you ask me.) Chuck? I don’t know what that even is. Heroes? Nope, won’t watch it-annoying actors who are so self-absorbed I can’t even stand the sight of their ugly faces. Deal or No Deal? I’ll take “no deal” thank you very much. The Office? Sorry, folks, the British one was much better. And, don’t even get me started on the news. As far as I’m concerned, NBC and the local channels have become so biased and so caught up in their own “celebrity” nobody even broadcasts news anymore.

Frankly, if a channel were to come along and offer unbiased news read by journalists with some integrity, not overly Botoxed “fake” celebrities (like Dan Blabber, who should have been FIRED over memo-gate, or Tom Lockjaw, who’s so hung up on himself, never mind reading news, he should sit in front of a mirror and gaze at his own reflection all day) they would clean up. (NBC, are you listening? Oh, wait, you can’t. You tried to charge us for something we don’t really want and ugly Time Warner cut you off.)

So, there you have it. NBC is gone and, frankly, we don’t miss it. If Time Warner weren’t such a bunch of scumbags, I’d suggest we all bribe them to KEEP NBC OFF OUR TV SETS. But, then again, between the fakes, frauds, and scumbags out there, I can just sit back, read a good book, and say, “you deserve each other.”

Until next turn it off, man, I’ve seen too much….



  1. Scriber's Web
    October 7, 2008 / 2:15 pm

    I am so glad you wrote something about this. I didn’t notice this either. And I don’t miss it at all.

    I hate Time Warner but I agree with them this time. The local station is simply being greedy. They are both mudslinging right now. It is funny and pathetic. KXAN (NBC) is telling everyone to drop Time Warner and go to another cable provider. Ironically, we were thinking about doing that before this mess started. But we may rethink that.

    I personally blame this all on Mercury in retrograde.

  2. CraftyGuy
    October 7, 2008 / 4:24 pm

    I personally blame this all on Mercury in retrograde

    Or… Pluto’s revenge on having been kicked out of the planet club.

  3. Carol
    October 7, 2008 / 8:06 pm

    That’s the “unofficial” motto here at Carol’s Little World: “Well, somebody had to replace Pluto….”

    I wish I could hack my template to get it up there on the top, in nice letters, but, alas, it’s hard to do with blogger, css, javascript, and horrible, horrible code that’s been mashed together from 49 different people (at least.)

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