Doctor Who Episodes That Weren’t


Did you ever come up with a story for a program that you watch? Ever stop to think to yourself, “hey, it’d be really great if they did…” and made up your own plot for your own little movie or TV show? I do that all the time, and some of them are kind of funny actually. Silly ideas, which I don’t usually share, but you know, they make me laugh, so they can’t be all bad.
Since they are bringing Doctor Who, the tardis, the strange aliens, the production crew, etc. over to the ‘States, and picking up an American assistant on the way, I thought it might be a good idea to help out and provide a few typically American story ideas for the upcoming Doctor Who “American Expedition” (as I like to call it.) Think of these are sort of Doctor Who episodes that weren’t (and probably never will be.)
For starters, I could really see a “Wild West” themed Doctor Who. I mean, couldn’t you just imagine the tardis buried out in the wilds of the great American desert, neatly tucked in between two hoodoos? Maybe the good Doctor could be mistaken for somebody like Brigadier General George Crook on his way to the Battle of Bighorn, but trapped en route in the Southwestern territories? This would go a long way towards explaining his English accent, as the 7th Cavalry actually had a sizable number of recruits from Ireland, England, and Prussia. I think Custer’s Last Stand would make for a great Doctor Who actually, and it’s typically “American” what with the cowboys, Indians, and the like. Not to mention, I really would love to see David Tennant nearly escape an arrow by ducking into the tardis, so that would get my vote as an episode that they should do. (Could you even imagine the good Doctor sitting down with Sitting Bull? Now, that would be a trip back in time.)
Next up we have, the city that inspires so many “odd happenings” it would have to, and I mean just have to, be included in a stop by the good Doctor as part of his American tour. Could you imagine the good Doctor being called in, to stop some sort of “alien creature,” a woman who speaks in tongues, chants, dances with snakes, uses strange incense, burns odd things, and collects the feet of local chickens? The locals all think she’s crazy, suspect she’s some kind of alien being and call in the good Doctor who arrives in the tardis only to discover that she’s actually just practicing voodoo. Yes, yes, with hoodoos of another kind, I could just so envision a Doctor Who episode called something like “Strange Gods, Strange Altars” set it one of our favorite, uniquely American cities, New Orleans. Doesn’t all that voodoo just scream out for a Doctor Who episode?
So, come on, quit going to New York-that place is so boring. Treat yourself to something a bit more authentic. Get out and see the ‘States, not just the silly big city on the coast. There’s so much more to the ‘States than Gotham that the good Doctor could explore.
Oh, and, in case you think I’d leave you hanging with just two story ideas, think of the good Doctor getting caught up in the California gold rush. Now, there’s a whole ‘nother episode in the making right there.
Ok, we’re finished. We can turn it off now. What’s that you say? The Doctor does Hawaii and meets the Tiki Gods? How about Doctor Who in White Sands? It already looks like an alien planet. Yeah, yeah, that too….
Until next time…

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