That Incredible Sucking Sound? It's Flying Money

What’s that incredible sucking sound I hear? Off in the distance? Why, it’s money flying from my wallet, that’s what! Like a bird, like a plane, off it goes, into the wild blue yonder.

In the upcoming weeks ahead, I have to (or should really) buy the following items: supplies from AtLex (so I can print again,) supplies from Light Impressions (so I can frame again,) a couple of Blurb or Apple iPhoto books, a couple of portfolio cases, a screen for my projector, more Compact Flash (tell me, when do I not need that) and, to make matters worse, the good folks at lensbabies have just introduced a new lens complete with new optics kit (great, there goes another $300.) All this, plus I really need eyeglasses (but I’m too afraid of the eye doctor to go-I don’t want to have my eyeballs “exploded” in what can best be described as a “simple test for glaucoma.”) So, there you have it. I’m going broke. Money is just being sucked right out of my wallet and all I can do is hope that I can still afford beer when the steady stream winds back down to a slow trickle.

Sometimes, it seems like I can really just coast along-like all the photo-related expenses just sort of take care of themselves. And then, wham! just when you least expect it, they start to stack up like, well, crap, I don’t know what really stacks up anymore, but, like, you get the idea.

Money, money, money, money, money. It’s all about money these days. The big financial meltdown, the housing market, the credit crunch, the lack of channels on my TV. Everybody either wants more of my money, needs more of my money, wants me to give them more money, or is just griping about money-including now, it seems, even me.

Damn, there are so many people in my pocket and I’m just not so excited about all of these people congregating in my pants. Can’t you all leave just a little bit left or do you have to grab ever last cent and even the lint from the bottom of my old blue jeans?

Until next dime…


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