Guess What I Did Today?

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In news that would make even the most surly Top Gear presenter happy, today I went to the British car rally in Round Rock, Texas.

Oh, what a show it was! There were probably something like 400 cars-British cars of all types, including Rolls Royce, Triumph, Lotus, Minis, MG’s, Austin Healey, and Morgans. It was like a little slice of London, right here in central Texas (well, except for the near freaking 100 degree heat. That was, unfortunately, all Texas.)

I must admit I had a bit of a hard time with the cars. It’s always been a sore spot with me-for some reason, I don’t take very good photos of cars. They always come out a bit sort of, how do I put it? Ordinary. Like they don’t look like my usual stuff. Today I had some fun and really enjoyed checking out all of the classic cars. I don’t really care if nothing came out or, you know, if nothing came out looking, “like me,” though I think I did get some “looks like me at a car show” shots. Meh, you’ll have to see over the coming days and decide for yourself. All that matters to me now is that I had some fun, took some pictures, got out of the house a little bit, and enjoyed the day.

Maybe Top Gear is, in fact, corrupting me, because I actually really did enjoy looking at all of the cars. For some reason, modern cars (like the crap-bucket I drive) look all the same to me. BORING! I would rather watch paint dry then go to a “car show’ filled with, ahem, “luxurious Crapanese hatchbacks” (really, I would.) But, these British beauties, well, they were different. They had cool lines and shapes and colors and just looked like they each had a sort of personality. It made it interesting for me. It felt like I was photographing some kind of rolling sculpture garden or something. I don’t know, I really just enjoyed it and it all just sort of “clicked.”

But, hey, I do have anti-lock brakes. And cup holders. Where would my sorry ass be without cup holders?

Until next Union Jack on wheels…


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