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In more Doctor Who news, the good folks at BBC have announced that part of the upcoming season will be shot in the ‘States. Not only that but, as part of shooting ‘Stateside, the good Doctor will have a new “American” assistant. Current speculation is that Catherine Zeta-Jones is up for the role as the leading lady in the full length feature film and, as you can imagine, this doesn’t sit well with me. It’s not that I don’t like her (she seems nice enough) it’s just that, well, she just doesn’t seem like the Doctor Who type.

So, who would I get to play the good Doctor’s assistant? This is an interesting question. I have a few choices actually, some of which might seem a bit odd to you.

For starters, I think Drew Barrymore would be a good fit. She can be perky and blond at times but she’s got some serious acting chops and she definitely has that quirky off-beat side to her. Actually, I think that she would make a great assistant and she would be my first pick (if, you know, these things were up to me, which, Ha! they never will be.)

After her stint in Get Smart, I think that Anne Hathaway might also make a good assistant for the Doctor. She has a serious side and she’s very down to earth but she’s not afraid to be funny and, well, I just like her, so I add her to the list.

Another suggestion might be Zooey Deschanel. She can sing like Billy Piper and she’s got a solid record of off-beat atypical roles to her name. I like that. She would also get my support as an assistant to the good Doctor.

Finally, since, you know we’re all about British these days, why not take a cue from another British star who landed on American soil? Doctor Who could, in fact, scour the rejects from House MD for his new assistant. This could really open up a whole host of possibilities. Imagine, say “Number 13” as his new assistant? She would be a good fit, though she’s still busy with that pesky TV series and, in fact, is tied up with another good British Doctor (well, ok, maybe the jury is still out on the “good” part of that. What the way he treats his patients and all, not to mention that pesky Vicodin habit.) How about “manipulative bitch” then? Hey, why not, right? I mean, she’s free now that they’ve killed her off, and we never will know if she really liked Wilson all that much. (Or, if she was just in it for the great connive, you know, claw her way to the top at the zoo and all.) Why not stuff her in a space ship and send her off to mars? They must need manipulative bitches up on that planet, right? (Nevermind, don’t answer that.)

Well, you know, you can’t fault me for trying.

Until next “is that a sonic screwdriver in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” assistant to the good Doctor…


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