When I good, I'm very very good

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I was good this weekend. I moved the bookcase (finally!) got the rugs put back, cleaned the floor, started getting rid of the boxes. Man, I hate cardboard boxes. One of the little “down sides” of having wonderful internet shopping is that you get attacked by cardboard boxes and those uber-annoying styrofoam peanuts. Man, I hate those little styrofoam peanuts. They just get all over the place and you can’t seem to ever pick them up, not even with the Dyson. (One of our little mottos, here at Carol’s Little World is that, if a Dyson can’t clean it, it must be really freaking dirty. You’re screwed-get a hose, lots of holy water, and start to pray.)

But, it’s all behind me now. My house, well, at least the front of it, is sort of put together now. My extra room now has a comfy chair in it, my hallway is nice and clear, and it looks almost kind of pretty when you come in. I like pretty, pretty is good.

When I was out in New Mexico, I bought this vase-like object d’art. It’s very pretty, it has a neat looking face on it. I like neat looking faces-neat looking faces are good. So, I decided to put it on my front table, because, well because my front table is clean (now.) But that’s not all I decided.

I’m going to photograph it. Yes, snowflakes, at some point, I’m going to photograph my vase-like object d’art with a neat looking face on it, so you can see it too. Of course, by the time I get done photographing it, it’s going to look, well, like I photographed it (scary.) And that will make me not want to come into the front of my house, not want to look at my clean (styrofoam peanut free!) table, and go run and hide. But, for now anway, it’s just a neat looking face, on a vase, on my front table, that’s now sorta clean and sorta pretty-looking (well, at least it doesn’t have any styrofoam peanuts on it.)

Until I’m bad once again…..
(Hey, you and I both know, it’s only a matter of time.)


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