Sunday Round Up-Really Really Boring

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It’s Sunday and that means, yes, I’m afraid to say it but it’s time for another round up (well, you must admit, it’s better than a round down, isn’t it?)

This weekend, I made some great progress in moving some furniture. Now, I know that sounds really really boring and it is, in fact, really really boring (maybe it’s worse than that-maybe it’s actually “really really really boring?”) but, I must admit, it makes me happy. It makes me happy that things are finally starting to get back together, that I can start to reclaim and tidy up my living quarters after the great flood of 2007 and all, it makes me entirely less “grumpy” on oh-so-many levels. And, as you should have come to realize by now, when I’m less grumpy, I post more often. When I post more often, you get to read much more interesting stuff, and much more silliness ensues. So, given all of that, everybody should be happy that I got a lot of really really boring work done this weekend, right? (Well, maybe everybody except those who like it when “really really boring” work kind of just piles up in the corner, waiting for me to do it. And, I don’t know who those people are, exactly, except to call them unnamed really really boring people who like to watch really really boring things. You wouldn’t be one of those people now, would you? I mean, you don’t sound “really really boring” to me.)

‘Course, I still haven’t quite moved the bookcase to finish the photo book library, and I didn’t watch any Top Gear this weekend, I’m only getting around to laundry and more really really boring stuff right about now, but still, I’ve moved some furniture and that’s a good thing. I’ve declared “It’s a Good Thing!” and you can’t take that away from me. (Get your own “good thing,” so sorry, you can’t have mine.) I have claimed a good thing and now it’s mine, even though it’s really really boring, it’s mine all mine. Yes, you read that right. The biggest news in this Sunday round up, is that I’ve gotten my own “really really boring but somehow it’s a good thing,” thing and where, oh where would we all be if we just didn’t know this kind of information? (Oh the horror, we could be stuck in that previously mentioned yet somehow still “really really boring” pile of unnamed “really really boring” people who like to watch “really really boring” things. Want some vanilla? It’s the finest of the flavors!)

In other more “really really boring” news, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. You know who you are, you’re the nice folks who answer to really really boring names like “Maaaaaa,” “Mum,” and, well just really really boring, “Mom.” Today is your “really really boring” day, so I hope you enjoyed every last little “really really boring” bit of it.

Until next really really boring time…


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