Speed Limit 45

SpeedLimit45, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Well, ok, maybe not really. It’s hard to do anything more than 45 when you’re driving across the desert sands. Sure, this part looks fine but the place where the pavement ends and the dunes begin? Don’t try speeding across that mess of gypsum, trust me.

I’ve finally started uploading from New Mexico, so I intend to keep this very short today. Thanks to all the men and women out on the front lines, making the world a safer place. Today is your day, I hope you get to enjoy it whereever you are-sit back, have a cold beer, and realize we are thinking of you.

Speaking of beer, I’m about the fourth person today who’s been craving a beer. I don’t know what it is but, the other day, while shopping, I happened upon some beer in the supermarket from that fine maker of T-shirts and volcanic liquid aloha, better known the world over as “the Kona Brewing Company.” (You remember them, right? The people who’s motto is, Kona Brewing Company: a mountain of brews from the mountain that spews!?!) I had to get a six pack because, well, just because. There’s a cold one sitting in my ‘fridge right now that’s just begging me to drink it. Begging me, I tell you, begging me.

Top Gear’s almost on and, well, who am I to put up a fight? Liquid lava longboard lager, anyone? Aloha!

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