Adobe House

4-PinkAdobeNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Well, I’ve promised you an Adobe house and I thought that, since I’m almost done with my workshop in Santa Fe, that I should deliver. So, here you go. A digital infrared image of an adobe house in Santa Fe, NM. Enjoy!

In other news, it’s been a great week, I can hardly believe it’s going to be over soon. Tonight we have our big slide show, so I had to make a bio and select four slides for the slide show. Mine are all color infrared. We’re going to eat at the Inn at Loretto-the famous place where the mystery staircase is. I hear the food there is good.

As part of my “challenge” I challenged myself to make a movie. I gave myself five minues, a mac, QuickTime, and a prayer. Low and behold, I now have a QuickTime movie of my work. IMovie is quite easy to use (hey, it came from a Mac) and now I can make wonderful presentations of my work, complete with music.

This has been a week of firsts. I made the movie, I finally shot some color infrared images, and I’m blogging from a workshop room, in a photographer hovel, sitting next to Joyce Tenneson. Can you believe all of that is happening to little old me? I’ve come a long way from all those days shooting small Texas towns, even though (secretly) I do sometimes miss (and still enjoy) doing that.

Well, I’ll keep it short so you can hopefully enjoy my adobe abode. Soon (far too soon) I’ll be back in Austin.

Until next adobe house in the woods….


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