End of Year Madness

RedOnPinkBlowing-1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

It’s shaping up to be a crazy end of the year. I know it’s supposed to be Christmas, and I’m supposed to be all happy and cheery but, this year anway, I feel a bit stressed out.

Got word that the floor people will be dropping off the lumber for the remodel on the 20th and then coming to install on the 26th. There’s a photo workshop I want to try out for coming up in March but I need a portfolio to get in (and a real one, not one of these like “little” ones that I typically do) so I’m stressing over that, and then there are the usual print exchanges that happen this time of year, and, well, I’m really stressed out about those.

I never like print exchanges. I do such bizarre work to begin with, so I naturally assume that nobody will like it. I always feel like I show up to these things and I’m the one with the prints nobody wants to get “stuck” with. If I try to bring something popular, it ends up looking “snapshotty” and some people ask me where my “good” work is. If I try to bring something I think is “good” it ends up going to somebody who doesn’t want it and doesn’t appreciate it (and, well, I guess, doesn’t think it’s “good.”) Oh the humanity!

I thought about doing these red leaves because they are kind of pretty (they look better “in real life” too, trust me on this one-they really have more of a pretty pinkish backdrop to them) but most folks think these too abstract. I could try to do one of my hula at sunset photos from Hawaii but some folks might not like that at all. Ah, I’m confused.

Maybe I’ll just go sit on a copy machine and try to pass that off as “high art.” Think that’d work? (Nevermind, don’t answer that.)

Until next time…


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