This one selected for SpunWithTears photo challenge: body.

It’s as close as I can get to a body without going totally figurative on you. And, um, it’s a body of water too.

Mom’s floor was complete today. She had a hard time getting the men to show up and, once they did, I managed to convince her it would be best for all involved if she came over and watched Top Gear. She now thinks the three British dudes are “cute as a button” and wants to “put that cute one [Hampster] under my arm and take him home.” Ah, dearest Mother. It would work for a while but then he’d try to fix the car and, well, we’d all be stuck walking. But, yeah, I get it. He is kinda cute (in an “I don’t want to walk but he’s still kinda cute anyway” sort of a way.)

In other news, I’m officially going to offer up a free print as part of a contest. To celebrate my completion of NaBloPoMo, look for a more formal announcement soon.

Until next time…


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