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Saturday. Wake up late, take dog for a walk. Car almost out of gas. Run to station, fill up. Get groceries, get back late. Too many frozen dinners to fit in freezer. Skip lunch. Notice light is really good. Want to go shooting. Grab camera. Can’t find battery. Frantically call Kathy. She’s not home. Leave garbled message on machine. Go shooting anyway.

Shooting. Finishing off 4G compact flash. Went to water gardens expecting to see flowers. Saw lots of gargoyles, chimeras, and other grotesques. Ack! Not what was expected but meaning to shoot anyway. Interesting ugly faces. Play with the grimace.

Not good shooting. Uninspired. Still looking for red leaf. About to give up but not yet. Bad day at water garden still better than good day at work. Finish shooting. Out of Compact Flash yet again. No good shots this time. No good shots, no Compact Flash. Damn. Life hurts.

Get home. Put dog out. Go for pizza at Carmine’s in Hutto. Good food. Football game on TV. Boring. Pizza good. Yum. Full now.

Back home again. Unboop TiVo. More cooking shows. More Gordon Ramsay. Watch five minues of TV. Realize English lakes are too pretty. Really want pinhole camera now. Ordered pinhole camera but not here yet. Damn. Really wanting pinhole camera. TV show goes to Wales. Damn. Where is pinhole camera? How do I get to Wales? Damn. Must turn off TV. Restaurant in Wales can serve bad food. Fine with me.

Look at clock. Crap. It’s getting late. Must blog. In contest. Really hate contest now. Try to upload compact flash. Slow. Watch little status bar hardly move. Seems unfair, shots were bad.

Shots really bad. Ick. Nothing here but a few ugly faces. Start uploading anyway. Still must blog. Still no red leaf. Still Saturday.

Play in Utata. Start typing up blog. Really want some green tea and bed. Never took nap today. Damn. Really want nap.

Blog’s done, time for nap now. Maybe tomorrow brings nouns back again. No interesting subjects today.

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