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MrCByTheGateC, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

My human can’t come to the blog right now. She’s out busy going to her photo group. She takes a lot of pictures-even some of me when she sneaks up on me. When I’m not looking and I don’t run away too fast, sometimes she takes my picture too. I’m kind of afraid of her camera. It makes a funny clicking noise that I can’t quite figure out, so I just run away. Sometimes, she chases me with it and I turn around and bark at her. She can’t run very fast for a human.

My big dog friend, Austin, lets me bite his ears and play with his toys. I like that. I love toys. I always find the squeaker in every toy. My human calls me “squeaker of the house” because I’m so good at it. Yup. That’s me-resident squeaker. SQUEAK.

She sometimes calls me “black devil” too because, well, because I tend to get into things. A few weeks ago, I got into some garbage and got sick. My human was very worried about me so she took me to the vet. They gave me special food and some pills and said that, in no time at all, I would be all better. I’m feeling much better now, which is why I don’t understand the special doctors. They want me to go back to the vet to get “fixed,” but I don’t think I’m broken. I think I’m all better now. I’m even out running and playing in the yard again, stealing Austin’s toys, biting his ears, and all of that. It’s all too confusing for a little dog like me but I sometimes wonder, am I really broken? Do I look broken to you? I don’t think I’m broken so, I guess, I don’t think that I need to be “fixed.”

There’s a cute little poodle over in the next yard so I should be going now. Maybe my human will come back tomorrow. I sure hope so. I’m not very good at this blogger toy. I much prefer playing with Austin’s ears. My paws are really too big for this keyboard.



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