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We’re getting a Z! We’re getting a Z! I’m so excited we’re getting a Z!

For those who think I’ve officially fallen off my rocker celebrating (for no apparent reason) the last letter of the alphabet (which, as you know, has been there all along) allow me to explain. Z-Tejas, the popular fusion/south/southwestern/Texas-like but good food none the less restaurant is opening up in Avery Ranch. Translation: They’re putting a Z-Tejas right near my house-so near, in fact, I’ll be able to stumble home which, if you’re tried their margaritas, you’d know is a good thing.

Oh, the joy of the Z. Oh Z, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways. I have so many stories, fond memories, odd blog-worthy happenings at Z, I hardly know where to begin. For starters, they’ve got the best damned cornbread I’ve ever tasted. (Cornbread-official redemption for Southern food-it makes up for a multitude of sticky hominy grits and pissy fried okra, believe me. Almost makes the south worth living in. I said “almost.”)

But, since this is November and I’ve got to yap and snap (for a good cause mind you-this is for charity-we must all press on!) all month long, I’ve decided that I’m going to milk this Z for all it’s worth. Yes, my snowflakes, I’m going to leave no Z story left untold. I’m going to systematically tell you, once a day, every freaking funny thing that’s happened to me at Z that I can remember. (Believe me, my snowflakes, there are many I cannot. You can thank that margaritas for that next time you’re there.)

Like that time Andy got me so drunk, dragged me to the ladies room and we couldn’t find our seats again. Like that time my photo group tried to eat there but they didn’t serve us, then they felt bad because they neglected us and gave us free drinks until we got so drunk we had to leave to go find some food. Like the time I was trapped there because I witnessed a horrible car wreck from the sixth floor of a building and didn’t want to turn state’s evidence. Yes, my snowflakes, it’s all going to be there (well, actually here) in black and white (ok, maybe colored pixels really but, like, you get the idea.)

So, sit back, relax, pop a cold one, enjoy some “virtual cornbread” and catch some Z’s with me.

Until next time…



  1. CraftyGuy
    November 2, 2007 / 5:08 pm

    …and all this time I thought living large was “buying an O”… my how times have changed…

  2. Carol
    November 2, 2007 / 6:02 pm

    Maybe you could “buy an O” in the Z?

    Now that would be entertainment.

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