Swirling Madness

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Oh God, it’s Saturday, and I don’t usually post on Saturdays. Oh God, I have nothing to say but it’s like NaNoPoMo or, crap, wait a minute, isn’t that a dish they serve at Kim Phung’s? Nevermind, I think it’s NaBloPoMo, yeah, that’s it…or maybe I should just go blow because I can’t even remember the damn competition I’m in. Great, this is just great. I’m in some kind of competition for charity, I can’t even remember the name, and I’ve got to post a blog posting on something when I don’t know what to say. Crap! Can my life get any worse than this?

I have this little notebook you see. And, I write all of my blog postings in it, but I can’t seem to find it, and it’s getting late, and I really want to just sack out with a cold drink of green tea mixed with lemonaide, plunk my butt down, and watch whatever TiVo recorded for me this week. God, I love green tea mixed with lemonaide. Is that how you even spell lemonaide? Oh crap, nevermind. I can’t find my notebook, and the day is almost over and I’m supposed to write some damned blog because I’m in some damned competition for charity that I can’t even remember the name of, and I’m almost out of green tea but I’m still thirsty and, crap, why does everything always have to go so wrong on my day off? Where did I put that notebook? Oh the horror.

Can’t I just have one freaking day where I freaking blog in freaking peace and nothing, I mean, nothing goes wrong? Is that too much to ask? Have you seen a little white notebook becuase, like I sure haven’t. And, whereever it might be hiding, I sure to Hell hope it’s hiding out next to more green tea.

What?!? Like you really wanted another faulty receipe for “boiled eggs a la Carol.” Yeah, right, I believe you.

Until next…ah, crap, now I have until tomorrow to find that damned notebook…


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