Radical Nautical

ArcOfASwimmerNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Last night, I went downtown, to KathyV’s wonderful new show at Gallery Lombardi. Called “Radical Nautical” it celebrates all things aqua-related. There were pirates, lighthouses, beaches, mermaids, and even fish tacos (hey, it was NAUTICAL in every sense of the word, ok?) Needless to say, I loved the show, and I always love seeing Kathy’s new swimming pool shots. (Those are tops, not to mention, well, they just smell a whole lot better than the “fish tacos,” believe me.) I also got to see Jill, who is doing fabulous-she makes jewelry and her work is now in four different stores (and selling briskly! Yay, Jill!)

She was telling us about her own “challenge.” Recently, she was approached by a story in San Antonio, asking if she could make some Frida Kahlo inspired jewelry. She rose to the challenge and created a charm braclet, with charms all relevant to the theme. I was so blown away by that-I just love the idea of artwork inspired by other artists. This really got me thinking, my “creative juices” flowing and all. What a cool idea for a project.

Speaking of a challenges, projects, and all, the Utata annual “Big Project” has gone live. It’s great to see The Utatan in all its glory. It was a bit of a challenge to come up with something for all the slots, and I do believe my photojournalism piece was little more than “fluff” but, hey, I’m in it, so that’s all that counts, right? (There were some really hard hitting photojournalism pieces. Mine really looks rather lame but, what can you do? I think it’s a well-established fact, known by now the world over: a reporter I am not.)

Here’s a link in case you are curious. A word of warning though. I’m sure, like the big blue sea, you’ll get lost in it if you’re not careful.

Until next radical…


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