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In the “all the news that’s fit to be me” department, my local paper, the Hill Country News, recently ran an interview with none other than little old me. You can read the interview here.

An interesting thing about news, interviews, and the like, when I was first starting out, it was the “artist’s statement” that I hated. I’m still on record as saying that most working artists would rather walk into the ocean or sky dive without a parachute than write an artist’s statement. There’s just something so horribly wrong, terribly time-consuming, and mentally frustrating about them. It’s a little known fact we’ve all come to know and get used to over time.

But, think about this. If you think writing an artist’s statement is bad, have you ever had to do an interview? It’s kind of like an artist’s statement, only you don’t get to collect your thoughts and they present it to a much wider audience. Every, “um,” “ah,” and “huh,” gets put out there for all to see. (Oh the glory of it all. Somebody please beat me about the head with a brick until it stops.)

Dealing with the press (media) is a whole ‘nother ball game for me. It’s just not one of those things I have to do that frequently and, when I do, I’m never very good at it. Sure, I try but, somehow, through the wonders of the media, the magic of the interview, I always end up sounding like a dork.

Actually, I take that back. I sound like a dork with a really, really bad artist’s statement.

Until next, “run…they have press passes…”


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