Fighting Off Brown

TwoTreesDriveBySepia, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Over the weekend, I picked out my shot for the Heart Gallery. I had to crop the image a bit, which was pretty easy to do and then I spent a lot of time trying to get the grass looking almost green again. For some reason, when you shoot in Texas in the summer, everything always looks all brown.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like brown. Brown is a nice color. But there’s something about the background of a photo-everybody always expects a touch of green. We like our good earth to be green, not brown even though, well, I guess, it seldom really is. So, I was clone stamping in lots of grass. Funny thing about that too, I’m never really happy with some of the cloning. I always sort of feel like you can tell it’s been cloned and I don’t like it much but the photo is really important so I feel it must be done. (Normally, I’d just go re-shoot it but, well, with the kids, the sun, the government agencies, the deadlines, and other odd and assorted ends and issues, a re-shoot is out of the question.)

It’s so weird though that I’ve been in love with sepia lately and yet, here I sit, stamping in a lawn. Brown is the enemy now. All that and, well, it really makes me wonder, doesn’t anybody water their lawns anymore?

I also won the photoshop lottery, in a way. This weekend. KathyV came over to print her Heart Gallery photo and we were poking around with mine. I had picked out a few shots I liked, one of them I did some cropping on. At one point, she said, “well, you should try to resize that one…because our requirement is for an 11×14 print, so see how close it is to 11×14 and how much more cropping or ‘uncropping’ you’d have to do.”

After I went into Image Size… and selected 11 inches for the height, I hit the button to automatically resize it and what did it come out to be? None other than 14.0067 inches.


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