Koi As Silk, Heads in Bags, Game Over, World Ends

KoiAsSilkNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This is one from the recent garden trip.

And, speaking of “garden trips,” it seems like I’ve been on one big “garden trip” as of late. I’ve started organizing the “Finding Eden” series, sure, but I’m also all about natural landscapes, overgrown “jungle looking” vistas, and the like. Maybe it’s all the rain we’ve been having-everything is very lush, green, and almost overgrown, since it hasn’t been too hot yet-but I’m really starting to get hooked on the garden stuff.

Last week, I got this really cool Buddha head at World Market. It was on sale but not too cheap. I think it was $24 or something. Still, I found myself really having to get it, so I splurged. It was really funny too because, with tax, it came to just over $25 and, when I went to pay for it, the lady told me that anything over $25 earned me a free tote bag. So, she gave me a tote bag, from World Market, and she started to wrap up the fab Buddha head, when I told her, if it would be easier, that we could just put the head in the tote bag. She made fun of me for leaving the store with “a head in a bag.” (Actually, it was true. I walked out of World Market, in broad daylight, with a head in a bag.)

So, now that I have this really cool looking head, what I am doing? Gardens. I’m actually thinking about plunking the head down in some overgrown plants to photograph it there. I started thinking about putting it in some bamboo but that stuff is just pure evil. (It multiplies. Really, it does. And not in a good way. Can you say invasion, anyone?) At the end of the world, there will be roaches (eeew) and overgrown, garden invading bamboo plants. (I bet the plants even survive the microwave!)

But still, what’s with me and all these gardens? Have I gone mad? Or maybe just green? Everything leafy this, botanical that, floral over here, koi pond in the garden there. It’s nuts. I have a black thumb and I’m on-line “complaining” about bamboo. You know, I mean you just know, it’s bad when I start gardening and yet, here I sit, seriously thinking about putting in one of those disappearing fountains into one of my flower beds. Yipes!

Makes me really, really afraid of weeds now, doesn’t it?

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