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It’s five am and I cannot sleep so I thought, “why not blog?”

I am actually blogging from my laptop. I decided to give it a whirl, since it came back from the repair place. Wanted to make sure it was all happy and humming along again.

I also got the computers hooked up today, after the flood. Well, not all of them, just really the router, which is important, since it controls TiVo. Without TiVo, well, let’s just say that, if I were to miss American Idol, there’d be one super snarky queen flake roaming about and we can’t have that now, can we?

Router appears to be working, TiVo was able to connect. Dunno about the laptop. It appears ok but it gave me a little trouble out of the box. I think that it needed to be re-set. I’m going to try it again tomorrow to see how it holds up. It does appear to work fine once it’s going, so that’s a plus. Just seems to have a hard time getting going when it first dawns awake.

Much like me in a few hours, I suspect.

Until next time…


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